- so now i c - 9/06/2005

ok im sitting down to write this its going to be very long so bear with me.. if you read this all thank you so much if you dont im glad u got through wat you did ..
we have alot of bad bad things happened this weekend.. i have no clue wat else is gonna happened but omg Ok we got news on the 3rd that kcs dad was dying and he wasnt gonna make it through that night .. all we could do was cry cry ry wand wait for the phone call well we went to the fair that night and didnt get a phone call.. kc did get to talk to his dad tell him he loved him and to be strong and hell be ok and his dad was so scared but he made it through the night they sayed he was a little btter the fair was a nightmare but fun ..
neway sunday.. i ended up getting admited to labor and delivery because i had high blood pressure and the pain i the c-section scar and my contractions were 10 times worse than every they were very worried so they admitted me .. i had high blood pressure from 190/98- 150-98 i was very sick and dizzy all night i was also put on a saline drip because i was very dehydrated i had went through 2 bags before i was let out .. my cervis is very favorable but i havent dialted more.. the pain i still here the doctors can figure out why i taken 6 tylonal with codiene aka tynoal 3 and they did nothing the contractions and pain were still there and i started gettinf really sick.. then finally my blood pressure went down to normal 125/63 122 over 62 it was ok then my mom came and picked up jasmine she took her over night.. so that was good.. we tryed to get som sleep i was in so much pain and he was so wierred and the nurses kept coming in we didnt get that much abt 4hrs probably neway kc gets up goes in the morning we find out his dad passed away at 6pm sunday night.. he got to the point where he could barely talk.. all we could do was cry all i could do was sit in pain and cry.. :*(kcs taking it very hard... but i got let out of the hospital at 11am monday morning .. was told to rest thats it drink water and rest notbhing strenous no stress well withi the death of his father and all my pain MONDAY afternoon after kc picked up jasmien from my moms
she had to rush her b.f JR to the hospital he had a massive heartattack ( i know wat else can go wrong ) wait theres more.. he was air lifted to ku med becaue hs heart wouldnt not keep beating on its own ku med is up in ks far away,. he is on nitrogliceryn drip blood thinners.. he was getting better.. today i get a phone call he is in alot more pain his artires arnt doing wat they are supposed to be doing i guess the shunts arnt working i dont jknow much abt this but he has to have triple by pass surgery by fri or he will lose his life.. his heart cant take it.. so we are in for a ride omg
my mother is up with him all weekend until he can leave.. kc left this morning on the bus 1:30 am for wisconsin ( i couldnt not go with i was told nto to travel to much stresS) im all alone i have no one but me and jasmine till sat all ive been doing since sunday is crying. im very sick i have a fever soare throat sneeze stuffy nose all ic an do is cry my eyse hurt so bad im all alone i have no one to talk to no one to cry with .. kc has called me on the phone the funeral is friday hes going to his dads house tonite( hes very sad) im guilty and sad that i cant be there and i want to his dad was such a good good man he fought for our country hse a war man. he loved me and he was onice to me he accepted me something kcs moms side cannot seem to do .. i loved that man he was good and now hes gone i hope he knows i care and i loved him to and i cant be there for a good enoguh reason.. everyone is worried abt me im still iun very much pain .. im dehydrated still im on rest.. i have my 36 week appt tmw.. everything is going wrong it seems ( please pray for kc and jr and all lof us )
i am so stressed im very depressed im in so much pain that nothbing can help me it seems
i jsut want this pregnancy to be done iwth iw anna hold me lil man i dont wnana bei n pain anhymoer emtionall and physcailyl i have so many things to worry abt i cant take this i hate being alone.. they sent me home because they didnt know wat to do.. they said if htye looked on a u.s they couldntr see if anythign was wrong in the first palce ( watever) so im supposed to suffer basically he told me.. this doctor.. cuz as long as baby is ok thats all that matters.. uggggggggggggg
wat else can go wrong huh>?
but jack is doing great forgot to mention that VERY stubborn but great
i on the other hand am far from that..
thanks for reading
*r.i.p. larry koehler
and please pray for jr ( i know hell make it ) he has to. ( this is probably typed all wrong, but bare with me im very stressed and crying right now if eel sick to my stomache and dizzy and mi not ding well at all im so worried and scared and i hate being alone ) uggg im sorry PLEASE PRAY!


At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Trish said...

Ohh Beth!!!!
It gets better I promise!!
One thing to think about, KC's dad will be watching over you and baby Jack. Everything will go well.
I'm prayin for you.
i know its rough, I'm here to talk to.
I wish I was closer!!! I'd come crash with ya, with all my goobers.


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