- my first ob appt - 3/13/2007

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well i had my first apt yesterday and let me say besides the 2hr wait for ultrasound and the 6hrs hospital day it went ok. i have to admit (even though i don't want to) that i liked the doctor the male doctor. he was funny, (talked to my kids) was sweet, kind he actually listened and answered and asked questions. (jacks women doc never ever did she was out and in in 5mins) he was actually nice. iv had 3 freakin paps so far so i thought i wouldn't have to have this 3rd one and nope i did. jasmine held my hand and jack was just playing with his cracker bag it went well. i told him how i felt uncomfortable having a male do and to talk about my depression and how i never talked to anyone before but i actually did to him it was weird and kinda uncomfortable but i did it. he said would you rather be on meds or talk to someone first and see how that goes i said i would love to talk to someone and so i have a psych consult on April 4th and my next ob apt April 6th then i will schedule my BIG ULTRASOUND YAY!!:) but baby is measuring big by the last u/s so my date of Sept 21st is pretty accurate he said so im going with that. he said they cant change dates they have set so they will keep theres. i lost 1 lb. i finally got my nausea meds i told him how i throw up every morning lately and he's like that's not fun lol im like nope. and got my other meds and my prenatals. we will talk about delivery and all that next apt and scheduling things and talk about my surgery then to see if these meds work.it went good and im glad. well after that apt i had to go straight to radiology where i was told i would get in by 3 and i spent over 2 hrs there waiting and all these appts kept coming so they keep coming to tell me you will be bumped back and blah balh finally a lil after 5 i finally got in. the reason i needed the ultrasound was because of my spotting, stress, and cramping plus they tried to find the heartbeat (this scared the crap out of me) they couldn't find it he tried for a good 15mins and couldn't only find mine:*( i was so nervous and these people kept bumping back my stupid u/s neway though i got in THE BABY ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A BABY MY LAST ULTRASOUND REMEMBER IT WAS A LITTLE BLOB THAT'S IT U COULDN'T EVEN TELL IT WAS A BABY AND OMG IT HAS FINGERS AND TOES AND A BIG HEAD HEHE NOSE EARS SHE/HE WAS TWISTING AND TURNING AND ACTUALLY SPINNING AND WAVING HANDS AND kicking a lot I MEAN HE/SHE WOULDN'T MOVE. AND I KNEW I FELT IT MOVING YAY :) SHE/HE KEPT PUTTING ITS HAND BY ITS HEAD IT WAS SO FREAKIN CUTE. I ASKED HER TO CHECK THE SEX SHE COULDN'T REALLY TELL SO SHE WOULDN'T GIVE ME AN ANSWER AND SO THAT SUCKED BUT OH WELL. BABY IS DOING FINE STRONG HEARTBEAT AT 160 BEATS PER MINUTE (I GOT A PICTURE OF THE HEARTBEAT) AND THE BACK OF THE BABY AND IT WAS LAYING ITS HAND NEXT TO ITS HEAD AND THEN I GOT A GOOD PROFILE PICTURE:) IT WOULDN'T STAY STILL LOL! BUT THAT WAS GREAT! IM SO HAPPY BABY IS OK! AND I SO CANT WAIT TILL MY NEXT U. S TO SEE WHAT IT IS.. I THINK BOY. BUT I WANT A GIRL BADLY.
NEWAY THEN AFTER MY LONG WAIT I WAS TOLD TO GO STRAIGHT TO GET MY BLOOD DRAWN WALKED IN THERE all the lights were on but no one was home they acutally left for the frkeain day and i was told i had to get it drawn its not my fault the u;s held me there so long they wouldn't let me leave either.. grr for fear id get called and not be there i did get to run down and get the kids something to eat they were so good jack did break down a couple times but they did so good :) neway so i find this bookkeeping lady walking down the hall she was so sweet and made someone from lab come down and do it so i had that drawn the ob screen and some blood for my gallbladder probs and then i had to run to the pharmacy which was another 20 min wait so I found wagon put the kids in walked around got a drink came back sad outside the door (they're closed but still do prescriptions) so I finally got out of there around 6 from noon to 6 ahhhh. BUT THE GUY WAS ACTUALLY NICE HE WAS ACTUALLY CARING UNDERSTANDING HE LISTENED IV NEVER HAD A OB DOCTOR LIKE THAT I STILL AM NERVOUS TO BE IN THE ROOM with him but it will get better. :) thanks for easing my thoughts about male docs girls you all were right. oh i also have to have a breast ultrasound because of the one that got damaged in the car accident i had and left me unable to breastfeed jack out of that one. so IM hoping everything is ok i still don't have feeling in some of it.NEWAY THAT WAS MY APPT! SORRY THIS WAS A NOVEL!


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