- jacks bad 6 month late check up and jasmines - 5/15/2006

man oh man what a day! well jack has his 6 month check up.. late yes hes gonnna be 8 months the 22nd.. and omg it went downhill im so worried and sad and omg.. well we got there before 11 and found out our doctor walked out friday! so we had to switch docotrs we have this iranian woman now.. doctor anatasha!! something lol but we dont see the docs we see the nurse practiconer eillen cuz she freakin rocks ! well i went in there and told her all the problems we had and all the worries and questions oh boy was she worried. jack is really delayed she aid and he lost even more weight hes 12.9lbs that's wat a two month old would weigh.. she said the reason hes so delayed is cuz hes not getting enough nurtriion and not enough to eat so hes behind in that as well.. hes so tiny :*( she said i cannot breastfeed anymore i can do it twice a day for 3 mins only for his comfort but he is now on infamil with lipil and iron now.. and babty food! she said his head injury is all fine! but shes really worried about how he acts how he never smilse how hes not like a normal almost 8 month old baby! but he is 24 inches long so that's good and his head is big 17 :) b ut she said ifi have to force him to take the bottle i have to he has to have it every 3 to 4 hrs and 4-6oz and we have to put 1 table spoon of butter in all veggies baby food we feed him and and 1tablespoon of cereal with the fruits and im allowed to start the meats buit this is so he can gain weight he needs the wieght he really needs the weight! she said once his weight goes up and he startes feeling better hell start to do things he should be doing.. also hes not allowed to bei n his excersaucer cuz that makes babys wanna be upright standing andn ot sitting so he cano nly be in it if we need to 20 min at a time twice a day buit not together sepreate times.. so that sux but she said the bouncer. swings. bubmbo are perfect and lots of tuimmy time and back time even if he hates it she said he needs to learn all the stuff he used to do like holdnig his head up more she wa so worried which made me more worried. he also has a sucking blister on his lip that bleeds sometimes but that's normla from sucking on his lip.. he had to get an extended newborn screening for 50 different disease shes was really worried he has smoetbhing tahts making him lose weight and delayed plus he had some normal blood work the 1st one dosent come back for 2 weeks the 2nd comes back tomorrow.. im so worried i hope it comes back hes fine.. gosh :*( wat a crappy day .. but when he got his bllood drawn at the hospital .. the stupid idiot chicks tryied his arm vain and saying oh its such a good vain it will be easy they stuck him 7 times in the same place over and over and thehy couldn't get anything so they went to hsi right food and only got a teeny bit in one of the tube things.. so they went back to his same arm and tried another 5 TIMES! POOR FREKAIN BABY HE WAS IN PAIN.. i wanted to slap them ! grr then they had this old guy doctyor come in and he goti r ight away on the left food poor baby had holes all over from the shots and from the blood draws but he fileld it all up and put 5 blood ropps huge ones on the paper for the screening BUT OMG POOR JACK HES SLEEPING NOW BUT WHEN WE GOT TO MY MOMS HE Took two 4 oz bottles of formukla cuz he know he was hungry and 1 baby food.. they said let him tell you when he wants to stop eating if hes still hugnry feed him he needs all the weight he can get hes so tiny.. hes like a 2 month old in weight :*(
OMG.. I FEEL SO BAD i want him to gain al the weight an be a normal baby he no where near acts like a normal baby.. hes nothing lie he used to be at 4 months .. **Sigh* im really sad i cant breasfeed anymore but i made it 7 months .. that's a long time .. not a year like wanted but he needs the formula.. i can understand but it still hurts
ON TO JASMINES APPT! SHE HAD THE SAME TIME THEY TRIED TOG ET HER TO PEE BUT SHE WPULDNT GOI N THE L;IL BAG THEY GO INT HERE BUT SHE IS REALLY irrataed and red dwin tehre so i have to put desitn on her all voer down there and in a week when we go back on the 25th jack has his weight check and there triy her pee again they think she mite have auti or something but they also talked about her having trouble in in pain pooping and they took her to get a xray and sjes backed up so bad they said they've never seen it so bad my poor baby no wonder shes in pain when she goes but i have to give her an enema tonite.. supporitroyu tomorrow and wens she gets this medcine she drinks twice a day for 3 days and she would be all perfect and better.. WAT A HORRIBLE DAY PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BABIES.. * sigh* if you made it thorugh this tahnks so muchj.. i need all the support i can get .. love yall


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Yeh, no kidding. My son is just a week or so younger than Jack and he is 30 inches long and 20 lbs already. He has been on Enfamil LIPIL since he was born though. That is what my daughter had, so that is what we give him. Hope he gains some weight!


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