- Update! - 6/11/2006

well jacks doing alot better! He got sick! and omg he was sick forever he caught what me and jasmine had! but now hes better! still trying to crawl!! loves swimming! we got a pool for the backyard! its big and nice! jasmine and jack love it:) fun!! mil came to visit this weekend!o mg pure hell we have eachother shes a horrible woman very much so! uggg lets ee got some cute outfits for the kids , toys, fun stuff! saw the omen in theaters last night! sat it was fun mil watched the kids .. shes from wisconsin so she was happy to! but it was a goood movie i wouldnt buy it or if i knew wat it was like i wojuldnt have wasted my free passes on it woulda waited till it came out on dvd kinda dragged on alot! they talked non stop and oooh i wont ever get a rottwilier lmao scary the crap out of me! well i gotta go to work tues and wens wohooo not really lol not fun at all! OHH!! I SOLD MY FIRST CAR LAST TUES!! IT WAS AWSOME:) FUN TIMES MADE 15$ COMMISSION YEHAWW LOL :) OH YEAH HEY ITS EXTRA MONEY YA KNOW EVERY LIL BIT HELOPS! OH WE GOT A NEW KITTY! NAMED TIGGER:) SHES ORANGED STRIPPED VERY FULL AND CUTE! jasmine loves her :) of course she loves all animals! well lets see jack has his 9 month check up the 15th and then some appts on the 22nd ... well love yall1 big huggies! congrats to all the new mommys out there! and big huggies to all the old mommy s :)


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Hi, my name is beth. i am mommy to a 6 year old redheaded 1st grader and a spongebob loving little boy whos 3, and our youngest our lil princess allison is 15months i am from missouri this is a place for me to rant, rave, smile and share!.


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we have a crawler well almost!
jack re check up
jacks bad 6 month late check up and jasmines
scary night / happy easter
sat 4/8/06(copy and pasted from my im to my aunt



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