- fathers day!! - 6/18/2006

well besides the bad start this morning today was pretty fun! we dropped the kids off at my moms around noon then went to play mini golf lol I suck I could never make it pro hehe they would kick me out! I think I won! but it was kewl got some pics! and then me and kc went into the arcade played a couple a adult games then went to play this game that gives you tickets anytime I hit the jackpot 265 tickets and kc hit the 200 and then we hit 50 and some more all together we got 650 tickets:0 of course we got the kids stuff! lol I got jack a Bert doll in swim trunks with floaties(from sesame street) and we got jasmine a light up ball that bounces and is stringy! 200 for that and 400 for the stuffed toy! lol :) then we went and got the kids the kids gave him there fathers day stuff! he loved the shirt... we made him a shirt with jasmines hand prints and jacks footprints and it says best dad hands down and jasmine got him a princess card and jack picked out (yes on his own) a lil cute card.. and I let the kids pick something from walmart jasmine got him some shorts lol I let her pick out of 3 kinds and jack picked him some cologne and I let him pick out of wat 3 kinds :) it was fun! kc loved it all! got lots of pics! will share after! we went to the Chinese restaurant after that and got full! we then went to cd warehouse and he bought the video game BLACK! which is awesome! I did really good then I figured out the game dosen't save progress or let you so I was pissed hehe! I got BRING IT ON ON VHS FOR 1.85 WWHOOO AND REPLACED MY GODSMACK CD I LOST 4 YRS AGO WITH A NEW ONE! SO ALL IN ALL FUN DAY :) send pics soon!



At 12:46 AM, Blogger MarthaBegins said...

Sounds like you had a great day -- much more eventful than ours! (Tim had to work).

Happy belated Father's Day to KC!


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